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 Заголовок сообщения: Battle Shock
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You are a fledgling wizard, still learning the art of magic. The passing of your mentor has left a serious gap in your village's magical defenses. Exceedingly ill-timed, too, because the hordes of evil are coming. And they're not holding anything back! Now it's up to YOU to garrison the castle walls and keep your townsfolk out of harm's way.

How will you do it?

Will you rain down deadly Plasma Balls: lethal spheres of lightning that decimate anyone in their path?

Will you use the dreaded Shockwave Attack: a surge of power loosed by the power of your touch, strong enough to obliterate anything in its path?

OR ...

Will you be forced to use the Last Resort: a torrent of might of such strength that your enemies will be destroyed ... but your castle keep seriously damaged in the process?

Villainous Archers. Knights. Catapults. Flaming Arrows of Death. Hard-Charging Battering Rams. They're COMING.

It's up to YOU to stop them.

Battle Shock features:

- 100 pulse pounding levels of gameplay
- 10 different enemies to battle
- 3 different upgradeable spells
- 3 levels of archers to help defend your castle
- Visible castle damage
- Fluid animation
- Dramatic orchestral music
- Each new game is a new experience with randomly generated terrain and randomly spawned enemies
- Game progress saved when you exit the game
- More content currently in development!

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давай на русском
и смотри как оформлены другие игры

, прочти прежде чем задать вопрос

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